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Editor and reporter with broad background in business, financial, and economic journalism for professional and consumer audiences. Experienced in digital and traditional print formats. 

July 2009-April 2022



Bloomberg Intelligence
• Edited equity, economic, commodity, and credit analysis and strategy pieces targeted to users of Bloomberg terminals. The material is similar to sell-side research but without specific buy/hold/sell recommendations. I edited for consistency and internal logic as well as style, grammar and spelling.
• Wrote blog posts based on strategy and energy items.
• Wrote daily summaries of important industry research.
(February 2016-April 2022)

Bloomberg News
• Edited daily Corporate Finance column, which examined developments of a specific company from a balance-sheet point of view.
• Oversaw time-sensitive coverage of new bond issues and edited other stories about the U.S. fixed-income market. 

(July 2009-February 2016)

February 2003-April 2004 and June 2006-March 2009


New York

Senior Editor.
• Ran daily news operation for website, with direct reports from 18 editors and reporters in New York, London, Hong Kong, and Bombay. (June 2006-2009). Frequently appeared on television and radio as commentator, including CNBC, MSNBC, ABC, and Fox, as well as videos.
• Edited investing and statistical items for Forbes magazine. (November 2003-April 2004).
• Edited capital markets and investing section for Forbes Global magazine [defunct]. Produced annual "A-List" and "Best Under a Billion" special issues, including screening and selecting the companies.

April 2004 - June 2006

New York

Senior Editor

Edited the StreetSmart section, which comprised timely investment articles, for monthly investing magazine.

April 1988 - October 2002

International Herald Tribune [Defunct]

Paris and New York

Editor/Reporter/TV Correspondent
• New York correspondent (January 1997-August 2002). Wrote breaking daily news articles and features, primarily about business and financial markets. Previously covered technology from Paris, including a series of interviews with industry leaders such as Bill Gates, Larry Ellison, Andrew Grove, and Linus Torvolds.
• Editor, the Money Report. Edited weekly personal-finance section of daily newspaper (September 1996-April 2002).  Oversaw international network of freelance writers that produced section aimed at affluent international investors. Instituted quarterly and annual reviews to track advice given, created annual roundtable with high-profile money managers, devised coverage of alternative investments including wine, racing horses, unadvertised mutual funds, recreational vehicles, and water. Full-time position concurrent with full-time position as New York correspondent.
• Television correspondent (June 1999-October 2002). Did five-minute broadcast wrapping up U.S. financial news for affiliated project in Italy.
• Night business editor (August 1992-August 1996). Oversaw editing and production of daily business and finance coverage, managing a five-person copy desk. Responsible for final content including late-breaking news. Frequently substituted for business editor and deputy (approximately 33% of the time), assigning articles and designing pages.
• Copy editor (April 1988-July 1990 and August 1991-August 1992).

July 1990 - August 1991 

Bond World [defunct]
New York

Senior Editor

One of four editors on a start-up publication for the credit markets produced by the American Banker/Bond Buyer and other divisions of Thomson Financial. Wrote weekly column about credit ratings. On one-year leave from International Herald Tribune (above).

January 1986 - February 1988

United Press International

New York

Deputy Business Editor/Acting Business Editor

Hired as the slot editor (No. 2 position) on the business desk of international wire service. Later promoted to deputy business editor and was acting business editor in the absence of a permanent hire. Oversaw about 100 articles a day from 10 business reporters plus hundreds of general assignment reporters.

May 1983 - September 1985 

The Bond Buyer

New York

Chief Copy Editor

Hired as a copy editor, promoted to copy chief (under more senior chief copy editor from sister publication the American Banker), then chief copy editor. Supervised staff of six editors working on articles for a daily and a weekly newspaper about the credit markets, economics, and local, state and federal government.

December 1982-April 1983

Meridian Star

Meridian, Mississippi 

Business Editor

Wrote business and financial articles and edited business page. Assigned articles to freelance writers and staff reporters. Also wrote general-assignment articles.

August 1980-November 1982 

New York Times

New York

News clerk Hired as a copy boy, promoted to news clerk, then was graphics editor for two annual economic publications. Wrote daily and feature articles for business section.

Columbia College 
New York

• Bachelor's degree, concentration in history, awarded October 1980.

• Managing editor, production manager and vice president of independent Columbia Daily Spectator in sixth and seventh semesters; various reporting, editing, and photography positions prior to that.
• Interviewed Russian dissident Andrei Sakharov in Moscow for seven Ivy League dailies.
• Took courses at Graduate School of Journalism in Mass Communication, News Editing, Photojournalism, and Science Reporting.

The Black Rock Beacon
Black Rock City, Nevada

Founder, first president and first editor of the Black Rock Beacon, independent, not-for-profit newspaper and website for the Burning Man Community (2005-2010). Acting editor in several subsequent years following death of successor. Board member (2005-present).

Editor of the Black Rock Gazette [defunct], the official daily newspaper of Burning Man in 2002, and a managing editor in 2000, 2001, 2003 and 2004.

Languages: English and intermediate French


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