Mitchell Martin
Site Last Updated: April 6, 2022.

Welcome to my website. I started these pages during a bout of unemployment that began late in 2002. They were created mainly as a vehicle to post my resume on the Web. I have also listed some biographical information .

I came to the Internet fairly early, going online in 1994. I like the democratic nature of the Net, which gives access to information to anybody who can get to a computer hooked up to a phone line. So, in the spirit of giving to as well as taking from the Net, I have posted some information that others might like to know, and I will add to this as time permits. I am also compiling a list of links that I find useful, and I have a small collection of photos.

NEW 2022: See my blog.

These pages were created with Netscape Composer and the HTML tools provided by Yahoo's Geocities, which was my webhost. These resources can be had for free, and it is not terribly difficult to learn enough about them to create simple web pages.

To contact me, send an email to mitch(at) (there's a little legerdemain there to fool the bots). Alternatively, you can sign my guestbook or view my guestbook.

Photo by my college pal Arnold R.A.
Browne, who you can see in the mirror behind my head. This picture was taken in October 2001 at the famous Algonquin Hotel.